Animation Program Updates 

Animation Facilities Update #6

Here are the latest updates on our animation facilities, both the CalArts Town Center space and the A-Block remodeling project on campus to repair the Character and Experimental Animation areas damaged by the overflowing cooling tower last June.

A-Block Renovation Project

  • The remodel of A-Block has moved from program planning into the design phase with HGA Architects. Repairs and demolition continue in the area while we are finishing the construction design plans.
  • In January, the School of Film/Video held productive feedback sessions with students, faculty, and staff to get input on work processes and equipment as we plan the construction of affected spaces. HGA Architects are incorporating some of the feedback from the sessions into the designs. Many thanks to those of you who participated in the feedback sessions and online surveys! 
  • In order to fast track construction, we are working with Gilbane, a construction management company that will ensure a streamlined building permit process with the City of Santa Clarita and create an efficient roadmap and schedule for the project.  
  • As a safety reminder, please stay out of the construction areas. There is currently no access to A115 (Experimental Animation) or A221 (Character Animation) due to the renovation work. 

CalArts Town Center

  • The hours of operation for the shuttle that runs between CalArts, the Monticello Apartments, and the Town Center have been extended until 11 pm daily. The runs begin at 8 am. 
  • The shuttle is scheduled to leave from the three locations at the following times:
  • CalArts IT installed high-speed internet in the Town Center and our connectivity issues have been resolved. Students and faculty were emailed the network name and password on Nov. 29. 
  • The HVAC issues were also addressed, with the air/heating extended until 2 am daily (when CalArts Town Center closes) until 8 am.

We will continue to update you on our progress. Please see the Animation Facilities webpage [] which houses all the reconstruction and space updates.  

Thanks to our Film/Video community for their continued support and patience as we work through these challenges together.  

Abigail Severance                                        

Interim Dean                                             

School of Film/Video