Glide of Transparency by Betzy Bromberg

Glide of Transparency by Betzy Bromberg

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CalArts Campus

Bijou Theater

Cinematic Voices

Betzy Bromberg in person.

Following a Darkness Swallowed (2005) and Voluptuous Sleep (2011), Betzy Bromberg's third experimental feature, Glide of Transparency, goes further into translucent abstraction while conveying the intimate feeling of being transported to a sublimated inner garden. Glide of Transparency unfolds in three movements, each layered with its own artful sound design (field recordings of birds and insects, ambient audio, vocals, and a composition for acoustic instruments). The non-narrative progression, Bromberg says, is "a journey devoid of compass bearings, forging pathways without a path." Luscious curves, vibrant colors, and the scintillating trajectory of light over matter, over filmic texture, echo fragmented memories of paintings we have loved, and, embracing love, bring us to transcendence.

2016, 16mm, color, sound, 89 min.