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School of Film/Video

Experimental Animation: 20-year Retrospective

CalArts: 20 Years of
Experimental Animation, 1970 - 1990

This retrospective celebrates 20 years of Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts. The program was selected by Jules Engel, founding director, Experimental Animation, California Institute of the Arts.

To view each film, click its accompanying image. Please note that streaming media is intended to be viewed over a high speed internet connection only.

Sausage City by Adam Beckett
1974, 5 min.
The Mysterians by Kathy Rose
1974, 5 min.
Luma Nocturna by Dennis Pies
1974, 4 min.
Travellers Palm by J. Borenstein
1975, 2 min.
Papiers Animes by Paul Demeyer
1977, 4 min.
Phases by Henry Selick
1978, 4 min.
Animus by Gary Schwartz
1981, 5 min.
Commuter by Michael Patterson
1981, 5 min.
The Sum of Them by Christine Panushka
1983, 5 min.
Te Utu by Robert Jahnke
1980, 5 min.
Portal by Dan Ackerman
1984, 5 min.
Voice by Joanna Priestley
1985, 4 min.
Contrapunctus by Lauren Companeitz
1986, 3 min.
Recurrents by John Adamczyk
1987, 4 min.
3-Fold by Stephen Mead
1989, 5 min.
Trap by Amy Kravitz
1988, 5 min.
Beethoven Machinery by David Brody
1989, 4 min.
Pink Triangle by Bob Doucette
1989, 5 min.
Grasslands by Eric Darnell
1989, 4 min.
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