Tuixen Benet
Faculty, School of Film/Video

Tuixén Benet is a Filmmaker/Choreographer from Barcelona now based in Los Angeles. With a background in live performance and choreographing for music videos and commercials she’s now focused on creating her own experimental films, a selection of which was curated at the DA2 of Salamanca as... Continue reading »

James Benning
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Program in Film and Video

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during World War II in a German working class community that sent its sons to fight their cousins. My father worked on the assembly line for a heavy industry corporation that was then building landing gear for the U.S. military. Later he became a self-taught... Continue reading »

Pia Borg
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Experimental Animation

Pia Borg is a Maltese/Australian filmmaker. Her non-fiction films that chronicle historical events and psychological phenomena have received numerous prizes including the Golden Leopard at Locarno Festival for the documentary Abandoned Goods (2014). Her latest short film, Demonic premiered at... Continue reading »

Betzy Bromberg
Faculty, School of Film/Video
Program in Film and Video

Betzy Bromberg, former Director of the Program in Film and Video, has been making experimental films since 1976. Her most recent film, Glide of Transparency (2016/17), completes her 16mm abstract feature trilogy.  It premiered at the Redcat Theater in Los Angeles and was... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty