Chris Morocco

Chris Morocco

Chris Morocco, the son of a professional pyrotechnician father, was introduced to the entertainment industry while still in his mother's stomach. In high school, he started creating music and films with one of his best buds to this day, Ryan Coogler. In college, at San Francisco State University, he started his own music video production company called Movements In Media which churned out close to one hundred videos.

After some “real world” experience in the Bay Area, he packed his bags and moved to LA, and in 2016 he graduated from the University Of Southern California School Of Cinematic Arts with an MFA in Film Production. A year later, he started his current position as a professor at his alma mater, fight on! Since then, Morocco has also taught at Trinity college and CalArts.

In addition to teaching, Chris owns and operates a company called Black Rose Sound with his wife Izumi. “BRS” primarily offers production sound recording, and post production sound services for film and new media.

In his spare time, “c-rocc” dabbles in music and tries his best to keep up with his YouTube channel dedicated to post production sound and Pro Tools tutorials.