Lee Anne Schmitt
Co-Director, Film Directing Program
Director of Faculty Affairs
661-255-1050 x2152

Lee Anne Schmitt is a Los Angeles based filmmaker interested in political thought, personal experience and the land.  Much of her work revolves around landscape, objects and the traces of political systems left upon them.  Her projects have addressed American Exceptionalism, the logic... Continue reading »

Michael Scroggins
Experimental Animation Faculty
661.255.1050 x2197

Michael Scroggins is a pioneer in the field of performance animation. The utilization of realtime visual instruments in the creation of visual compositions of absolute color, shape and texture has been at the heart of his work for over 25 years. His absolute animation works have been widely... Continue reading »

Maureen Selwood
Experimental Animation Faculty

“Maureen Selwood is considered one of the most interesting authors in the American world of independent animation, as well as one of the most gifted artists in her field.”  - Mario Sesti Maureen Selwood is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist who utilizes drawing, live... Continue reading »

Abigail Severance
Interim Dean, School of Film/Video
Film Directing Program Faculty

Abigail Severance makes films in a range of forms, from narrative to abstract, which explore nostalgia, history, autobiography and the queer heart. Her work has screened at Sundance, The Broad Museum (L.A.), Ann Arbor Film Festival, Studio Museum Harlem, MIX LGBT Festival, and the National... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty