Zaina Bseiso
Program in Film and Video Faculty

Zaina Bseiso is a film director, producer, and curator working primarily in documentary and experimental cinema. Her work explores the relationship between the materialities of place and issues of memory, surveillance, corporeality, and nationalism. She received her Master’s degree in Film... Continue reading »

Maija Burnett
Director, Character Animation; Character Animation Faculty
Assistant Dean, School of Film/Video

Maija Burnett is the Director of the Character Animation Program at CalArts.  Originally from Montreal, Canada, Maija obtained an M.F.A. in Animation from UCLA, as well as degrees from McGill University in Film Studies. Her animated work has been featured in film festivals and museums... Continue reading »

Giulia Caruso
Film Directing Faculty

Giulia Caruso is an award-winning independent producer and founding member of Nonetheless Productions. With partner Ki Jin Kim, she was nominated for the 2018 Piaget Producers Award. Giulia won an Independent Spirit Award for Andrew Ahn’s debut feature SPA NIGHT and an Emmy for... Continue reading »

Stephen Chiodo
Experimental Animation Faculty

Stephen Chiodo is president and creative director of Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc. Chiodo has established himself as a highly creative special effects director with an expertise in stop-motion animation. He perfected his animation and directorial skills at Rochester Institute of Technology, and... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty