Program Faculty

Nathan Strum


Nathan Strum is an alumnus of the CalArts Character Animation Program, the University of Washington, and Seattle Central Community College. Despite all of that, and earning two art degrees in the process, he apparently still hasn't had enough of college since he’s been working in the Character Animation Program since 1994, currently serving as Associate Technical Director.


Nathan has designed, built, re-built, and updated the program's three Mac Labs numerous times; he installs, maintains and repairs all technical equipment within Character Animation, writes proposals for new equipment, puts the end-of-year student film screenings together, maintains the Character Animation archives, supervises facility improvements, and supports the nearly fifty faculty who teach in the program. Nathan also taught classes for several years, and currently serves on the Portfolio Review Committee for prospective students applying to the program.


In his spare time, Nathan collaborates with hobbyist programmers creating new videogames for the venerable Atari 2600, designing in-game graphics and packaging materials. And yes - you can actually buy them on real cartridges and play them on 40-year-old hardware. He also semi-occasionally creates new episodes for his videogame-themed webcomic: Artie the Atari.


You can read his webcomic or his other ramblings in his blog at: