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School of Film/Video

Showcase 2010

To view each film, click its accompanying image. Please note that streaming media is intended to be viewed over a high speed internet connection only.

Experimental Animation

Stories from a Perch by Andrew Zimbelman
2010, 6 min.

Everyday Apocolypse by Darin Vartanian
2010, 6 min.

The Nest by Ethan Clarke
2010, 6 min.

Akin to an Echo by Jesse Gregg
2010, 6 min.

Thembis Diary by Jisoo Kim
2010, 6 min.

Mountain by Kirsten Lepore
2010, 1 min.

Sister by Mina Park
2010, 3 min.

Weather Report by Olivia Taussig
2010, 4 min.

Jumping Puddles by Scott Peters
2010, 2 min.

Shadow, My Shadow by Bo Sul Kim
2010, 6 min.

Visit by Kang-Min Kim
2010, 6 min.

Film Directing Program

Dos, Por Favor (Two Please) by Fabian Euresti
2010, 13 min

Jump by Guillaume Legrand
2010, 3 min
R U Ready to Party?! by Kate Marks
2010, 1 min

Program in Film and Video

Chit Chat Amongst the Giants by Spencer Holden
2010, 6 min.

Ancient Eyes by Matt Reed
2010, 6 min.

Aberrations in the Cycle by Beaux Mingus
2010, 6 min.

Goodbye by Stephanie Swaim
2010, 3 min.

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