Winter Session 2022 (January 10 - 21):

🔗  Winter Session 2022 Character Animation list of courses

  • Winter Session is a two-week in-person instructional period required of all BFA students at CalArts. It is part of Spring Semester. There is no additional fee. Character Animation students will be in class for 3 hours per week during Winter Session, and are otherwise expected to devote a minimum of 20 hours per week during Winter Session to their films, making significant self-directed progress.
  • Character Animation students are automatically enrolled as follows for Winter Session:
    • BFA1 students: enrolled in FVCA-151W (Story I), 1 unit
    • BFA2 students: enrolled in FVCA-221W (Film Workshop II), 1 unit
    • BFA3 students: enrolled in FVCA-321W (Film Workshop III), 1 unit
    • BFA4 students: enrolled in FVCA-421W (Film Workshop IV), 1 unit
  • Students will be in the same sections of the above classes as they are this fall, and classes will meet at their regular times, once per week for Winter Session. Changes to these classes are not permitted. 
  • Each Winter Session class is valued at 1 unit, and Winter Session grades will be assigned by January 31, 2022. You can view your Winter Session required Character Animation class schedule now in Self-Service.
  • Students can enroll in another Winter Session class if they wish, whether via the School of Film/Video or other Schools within the Institute. Information will be available in Self-Service. Students can enroll in a maximum of 2 units in Winter Session.
  • Winter Session units count towards Spring Semester. For example, a student might have 1 unit from Winter Session, and be enrolled in 14 units in Spring Semester. Their total units For Spring Semester would be calculated as 15 units.  

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Spring Semester 2022 (January 24 – May 13):

🔗  Spring 2022 Character Animation list of courses

  • At the time of posting, 55% of Character Animation Spring Semester classes are in person (all class sessions in person), 7% are hybrid (some class sessions in person, some class sessions on Zoom), and 38% are remote (all class sessions on Zoom, synchronously). 
  • Required Character Animation classes: Character Animation students are automatically enrolled in their required classes for Spring Semester. You'll continue in the same sections you're enrolled in this fall. You can view your Spring Semester required Character Animation schedule now in Self-ServiceChanges to these classes are not permitted. 

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Spring Semester 2022 – Events and Class Cancelations

🔗  Spring 2022 Character Animation program events and class cancelations

  • Character Animation classes will be canceled at specific times in the Spring Semester, including Week 8 and Week 11, to provide focused time for students to make continued progress on their films. Faculty will be available for meetings. Please note that Critical Studies and other classes will continue as normal.
  • Three program-based events will take place in the Spring Semester: Portfolio Day, Open Show and the Producers' Show. 
  • If you missed our Portfolio Day meeting from November 1, 2021, contact the Character Animation program for the link to the video and slideshow. It is your responsibility to adhere to dates and requirements for this event. The next deadline for the event is as follows:
    • Monday January 10, 2022 by 9:00AM Pacific Time – your resume and portfolio need to be finalized and ready for public viewing at the exact links you provided in the form. Any changes to your portfolio after this date are at your own risk.

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  • In person
    • ​All class sessions held in person
    • Will not be available via Zoom (except under very limited circumstances)
  • Hybrid
    • Some class sessions held in person
    • Some class sessions held on Zoom
  • Remote
    • All class sessions held on Zoom, synchronously

In all cases, students retain access to CalArts campus and facilities.

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Class recordings:

Character Animation classes will not generally be recorded in Winter Session and Spring Semester 2022, unless necessary for specific reasons.

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