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School of Film/Video

Why Study at CalArts?

Emphasis on Independent Vision

CalArts' School of Film/Video offers courses of study that strongly emphasize independent artistic and intellectual vision.

Renowned Faculty

The School's faculty is comprised of innovators and leaders in each specialty—filmmakers, animators and video and multimedia fine artists who have distinguished themselves at the highest levels. All faculty members are practicing professionals.

Personal Attention

The School offers a low student-faculty ratio, small classes and individualized instruction. Every student works closely with his or her own mentor, a faculty member who serves as that student's artistic and academic advisor.

Extensive Facilities and the Latest Equipment

The School constantly updates and expands its wide array of equipment resources. Cameras include digital video (up to 4k), 16mm, and multi-format specialty cameras. Sound design, acquisition, and editing is supported with an extensive microphone and recorder selection as well as broadly deployed ProTools workstations and mix rooms. There are sound stages, sets, and production studios for live-action shooting as well as stop-motion animation production stages. For both animation and live-action, numerous edit labs and private edit suites with an extensive range of software for compositing, sound design, and color correction are maintained. Also supported are a variety of multimedia applications and tools for gallery installation, site-specific installation, and theatrical presentation. In addition to cutting-edge new technologies, the School continues to support 16mm production and post-production, including hand-processing, optical printing, and editing.

Opportunities for Screening Work

CalArts' Bijou Theater is a dedicated screening facility used for presenting student work. In addition to the year-end Bijou Festival, the School organizes several other showcases and special screenings, both on campus and at venues throughout the Los Angeles area—including the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater—to present selected student films, videos and animated works. Producers and other film and television professionals regularly attend these events.

Flexible Programs

Designed by artists for artists, CalArts gives its students a greater voice in shaping their pursuits than comparable institutions. The School's programs are highly challenging but also flexible enough to accommodate the individual creative interests of each student.

Close Interaction with Visiting Artists

The School of Film/Video invites a wide variety of leading film- and videomakers, installation artists, animators, screenwriters, producers, critics and curators to lecture, discuss their work and meet with students. These visiting artists add their experience and vision to the expertise of the School's resident faculty.

Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Projects

CalArts encourages cross-pollination in the arts. In addition to extensive cross-stylistic collaborations within the School of Film/Video, students are encouraged to seek out interdisciplinary projects with visual and performing artists across all of CalArts.

Community Arts Partnership (CAP)

Many School of Film/Video students gain valuable experience by teaching CAP workshops and classes at community art centers and public schools throughout Los Angeles County.

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