Gary Schwartz

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Visiting Artists | CalArts Animation: The Early Years

This lecture series is open to CalArts students, faculty, staff, and alumni only. If you are interested in attending and would like a list of the films available for viewing before the class meetings please email Michael Scroggins via to request access to the videos (some are password protected).

Gary Schwartz is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, award winning animator, director, artist, and educator. Schwartz conducts intensive hands-on animation workshops in elementary, middle, high school, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, professional training, film festivals, museums, summer camps, community centers, prisons, and psychiatric hospitals nationally and internationally in an environment of creativity, imagination, and self expression. Through his company, Single Frame Films, Schwartz produced, designed and directed animation for Disney, Sesame Street, MTV, Fox Television, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and others. Schwartz is currently lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. His kinetic cinema sculptures, installations, and films have been exhibited in major museums and galleries internationally.