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School of Film/Video


The School of Film/Video offers programs in the areas of live-action film and video, animation and directing. Undergraduate programs lead to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree and graduate programs to the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree.

Prospective students are invited to apply to one of the following:

Coursework for these programs (courses.calarts.edu) is drawn from more than 120 classes offered by the School of Film/Video each semester. BFA students are required to complete a minimum of 120 semester units, including a series of liberal arts/general education classes.

All students also have the option of taking various elective courses offered by the CalArts Schools of Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Music and Theater.

To graduate, students must fulfill all program and course requirements and pass faculty reviews of their artistic and academic progress.

Critical Studies BFA Requirements

A CalArts education is based on both artistic and intellectual rigor. To ensure that each undergraduate has the broad knowledge and cultural sophistication needed for successful arts careers in today's world, all candidates for the BFA degree must complete the Critical Studies undergraduate requirements in addition to coursework in their individual programs.

The School of Critical Studies enables students to excel in their métier by generating productive links between critical, intellectual, imaginative and creative inquiry. Classes provide a foundational starting point to learning that includes a breadth of study areas and approaches to study across the arts, humanities and sciences. Following this, students are encouraged to develop their Critical Studies work by making strong connections with their chosen métier projects by taking Critical Studies Minors as well as Independent Study options.

BFA candidates are expected to take either three or four Critical Studies classes (6-8 units) per semester as part of the total 46 units required for graduation. Typically, this amounts to 40 percent of each student's overall course load. The CalArts Critical Studies residency requirement applies to all students.

School of Critical Studies
Critical Studies Course Requirements

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