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School of Film/Video


Bijou Festival and Showcase Screenings

Each spring, the School of Film/Video holds the Bijou Festival and several showcase screenings to publicly present selected student works from all programs. Films and videos are shown at CalArts’ Bijou Theater, the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT) and private screening facilities in Los Angeles. Producers and other professionals in the film, television and animation industries regularly attend these events. The school also helps to arrange the presentation of selected student works at national and international venues, which, in recent years, have included the Sundance, New York, Berlin, Vienna, Venice and other major festivals, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Film Series at REDCAT

Housed inside the iconic Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall complex in downtown Los Angeles, REDCAT is a one-of-a-kind platform for the presentation of experimental and interdisciplinary work in the visual, performing and media arts. The School of Film/Video provides the programming for REDCAT’s film series, which includes in-person presentations by acclaimed film, video and animation artists from around the globe, as well as short festivals to cover specific topics in independent film, explore new currents in world cinema, and survey work by individual filmmakers. Among other things, these screenings have made it possible for the Los Angeles independent and alternative community to forge new connections with their international counterparts. In addition, many of the filmmakers who show work at REDCAT also visit CalArts to give lectures, conduct workshops and meet with students.

Library Resources

A large collection of 16mm films, videos, DVDs and laserdiscs is available in Film Services, which is part of CalArts’ Division of Library and Information Resources. Film Services also provides viewing facilities. The collection contains materials that illustrate artistic output in a wide variety of media, as well as some 35 years of faculty and student work.

Center for Integrated Media

Integrated Media (IM) is a supplemental concentration offered by many MFA programs at CalArts and supported by the Center for Integrated Media. Advanced practitioners who wish to combine their creative work with an exploration of digital and interactive technologies are invited to apply to the MFA Program in Film and Video or the MFA Program in Experimental Animation and ask to be considered for the IM concentration. With the opening of the school’s new Installation Space, IM students at the School of Film/Video can now make use of a dedicated gallery for the presentation of multimedia, installation and performance works.

Exchange Programs and Institutional Collaborations

The School of Film/Video is in the process of establishing exchange programs with institutions in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, India, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition, the school has collaborated with partners such as The Museum of Modern Art, the UCLA Film & Television Archive, the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles, the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media, and the Global Film Initiative on various projects in recent years. These collaborations include festivals, museum exhibitions, symposia and other presentations, and often feature screenings of work by CalArts students and alumni.


The school has several ongoing internship programs involving key film production and post-production companies in Los Angeles. Students have previously completed internships with companies including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Dreamworks Animation, Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox, among others. Please contact CalArts Career Services for more information.

Community Arts Partnership (CAP)

CalArts’ Community Arts Partnership is a nationally recognized, award-winning program that collaborates with community art centers, youth organizations and public schools throughout Los Angeles County to provide free college-level arts education to middle and high school students.

Many School of Film/Video faculty and students teach CAP workshops and classes, and take part in the production of films, videos and animated works. CAP gives participating CalArts students the paid opportunity to accumulate valuable teaching and life experience: They share their knowledge and abilities with youth, work directly with faculty artists to create innovative pedagogical approaches, and test and refine ideas about interdisciplinary art practice.

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