Program Faculty

Thom Andersen
Leave – Spring 2018
Program in Film and Video Faculty

Thom Andersen has lived in Los Angeles for most of his life. In the 1960s, he made short films, including Melting (1965), Olivia’s Place (1966), and --- ------- (1967, with Malcolm Brodwick). In 1974 he completed Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer, an hour-long documentation of... Continue reading »

Steve Anker
Program in Film and Video Faculty

Steve Anker, former dean of the School of Film/Video, formerly served as director of the San Francisco Cinematheque and as artistic director of the Foundation for Art in Cinema. He holds an MFA in Filmmaking and Film History from Columbia University and served for many years as... Continue reading »

Rebecca Baron
Program in Film and Video Faculty
661-255-1050 x2519

Rebecca Baron is known for her essay films concerned with the construction of history, with a particular interest in still photography and its relationship to the moving image. Her work has screened widely at international film festivals and media venues including Documenta 12, New York Film... Continue reading »

James Benning
Leave – Spring 2018
Program in Film and Video Faculty
661-255-1050 x2017

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during World War II in a German working class community that sent its sons to fight their cousins. My father worked on the assembly line for a heavy industry corporation that was then building landing gear for the U.S. military. Later he became a ... Continue reading »

Betzy Bromberg
Director, Program in Film and Video; Program in Film and Video Faculty

Betzy Bromberg, Director of the Program in Film and Video at California Institute of the Arts, has been making experimental films since 1976. Her newest film, Voluptuous Sleep (2011), premiered at the REDCAT Theater in Los Angeles and had its festival premiere at the 2011 New York Film... Continue reading »

Nathan Crow
Technical Director, Digital Systems and Technical Faculty
661-291-3040 or 661-255-1050 x2444

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty