Showcase 2018

CalArts School of Film/Video presents a juried selection of special screenings that feature new short and feature-length films by students in its four programs—a culmination of hard work and dedication throughout the year.

All screenings are free and open to the public; most programs will be held either on the CalArts campus or at REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) in Downtown Los Angeles.

2018 Showcase Schedule

Character Animation Open Show

Saturday, April 21, 11 am at CalArts

Experimental Animation Program

Monday, April 30, 8 pm at REDCAT 

  • Object Dream by Kyungwon Song (2:12)
    The process of drawing an image of an object and moving them is a process of animating.  As they become a subject, they become animated, and eventually we can watch what it dreams about. 
  • 5AM by Luca Cioci (0:02:47)
    A short that deals with physical labor, manipulation, and their existence in a rushed, complaining reality.
  • The Northeast Kingdom by Alan Jennings (0:07:49)
    A small tight knit New England community is shaken by the arrival of a newcomer.  Meanwhile, a mystical creature quietly affects the lives of the locals.
  • Are you tired of forever? by Caitlin Craggs (0:06:06)
    A surreal montage of selfdom in a lensed world. We start in transit and end in the boudoir. Tea and light snacks will be served.
  • Upside Downtown by Hunter Janos (0:06:07)
    One day in the near future, gravity reverses.  The whole world is turned upside down.  The oceans lift to the skies, and a majority of humanity is lost forever to space.  Few remain in the world after the flip, and they risk their lives scavenging to find food and water in order to survive.
  • Initial Conditions by Amia Yokoyama (0:06:45)
    My face imprinted on the earth and the earth imprinted back.  We shaped each other by performing the space of which we could not be for ourselves for the other.  Ourselves, gobs colliding with the initial conditions of another.
  • Supervising the Supervision of Female Workers by Stephanie Delazeri (0:07:00)
    An animated short exploring labor, animation, gender and weenie roasts.
  • Vidual by Jamie Wolfe (0:00:45)
    A taxi ride gone awry.
  • Blind Mice by Nicholas D’Agostino, (0:09:00)
    Upon his release from prison Walter falls back in with his old gang of hustlers.  In this con within a con will he be the one left holding the bag?  Mixing the anthropomorphic menagerie of humanity found in the cartoons of the 1930's with the fatalist allegorical themes of film noir, 'Blind Mice' tells a tale of societies divisions.
  • Ming by Danski Tang (0:03:07)
    A Chinese woman's experience as a live figure model while abroad.
  • Phototaxis by Melissa Ferrari (0:06:45)
    ‘Phototaxis’ draws parallels between the mothman, a prophetic and demonized creature in West Virginia lore, and Narcotics Anonymous, the primary treatment program in WV's addiction epidemic.            
  • Heart Chakra by Angela Stempel (0:07:23)
    Mae's life is routinely disrupted by the advice from her online crystal healer and her devotion to horoscopes.  Armed with healing crystals and numerology, Mae is ready to follow the predictions on an unexpected path to find her soulmate.
  • Sister by Siqi Song (0:08:02)   
    A man remembers his childhood memory of growing up with an annoying little sister in 1990s China. How would his life have been if things had gone differently?
  • Icebergs by Eirini Vianelli (0:09:20)
    Based on the book Scenes by award-winning screenwriter Efthymis Filippou (Dogtooth, The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer), Icebergs is an existential, dark comedy consisting of 14 short vignettes, ranging from the mundane to the absurd.    
  • Screening in REDCAT's Lobby: 8 Treasures (Recipe) by Ariel Nevas     

School of Film/Video: PANORAMA 

Tuesday, May 1, 8 pm at REDCAT

  • 7:45 am by Tiffany Wei (00:02:40, Character Animation Program) 
  • Cirque du Bombay by Kai Lynn Jiang (00:01:10, Character Animation Program) 
  • Sh! by Samantha Maurer (00:01:54, Character Animation Program)
  • Gone Astray by Mabel Ye (00:03:48, Character Animation Program) 
  • Frontier Wisdom by Jenna Caravello (00:05:09, Character Animation Program)  
  • Between You and Me by Sian Adele Zina Bliss (00:02:20, Experimental Animation Program)
  • Hieu by Richard Van (00:23:10:00, Film Directing Program)
  • Mom’s Clothes by Jordan Wong (00:05:30, Experimental Animation Program)
  • by Chaerin Im (00:04:14, Experimental Animation Program) 
  • The Bridge (Strip Club Alphabet) by Lorelei Mira Polk (00:49:00, Program in Film and Video)
  • Screening in REDCAT's Lobby: jim by Sam Gurry (Experimental Animation Program)

Character Animation Producers' Show

Wednesday, May 2

Seating is limited and reservations are required:

Film Directing Program

Tuesday, May 8, 8 pm at REDCAT 

  • Napalm by Ryan Browne (00:22:30) 
  • Losing Light by Alisha Mehta (00:07:30)
  • LA Girl by Sarah El Khawand (00:14:40) 
  • Last Words of Copernicus (Red Singing) by Timothy Nicholas (00:04:28)
  • Rive Sud (South Shore) by Xavier Hamel (00:11:00)
  • East of the River by Hannah Logan Peterson (00:13:00)
  • Anita by Andrew Lush (00:06:00)
  • Don't Bring Me Down by Tuixén Benet (00:03:17)
  • Knock, Knock, Knock by Arom Choi (00:15:15)
  • Phone Call At 1AM by Yikai (Luc) Wu (00:07:30)
  • Hoosier by Aaron Cook (00:14:30)

Program in Film and Video

Wednesday, May 9, 8 pm at REDCAT 

  • Perfume by Olivia Eberstadt (00:01:27)  
    A moving still life starring roses from my garden.
  • A Soles Tail by Amalia Irons (00:06:35)
    The voyage of an escaped circus performer embarking on the quaint life of fishing. Their subconsciousness begins to expose a restored fundamentality.
  • Cheetoh Villa by Leanna Kaiser (00:01:31)
    Multiple iterations of self-performing ritually mundane actions. 
  • AMARANTHINE by Chephrena Mbouombouo (00:27:00)
    Set in an abstraction of 1970s London, AMARANTHINE tells a tale of punks, betrayal and revenge.
  • False Proofs by SNEAL (00:04:44)
    Here are a series of indeterminate thoughts we have reduced to their colors and shapes.
  • The 5 Disagreements (for Snodgrass & Vanderwart) by Adam Wand (00:01:15) 
    In 1980 Drs. Snodgrass and Vanderwart developed a standardized set of images to be used for cognitive research investigating word and image agreement.  This video offers its own experiment in response.
  • It’s OK to Have Negative Thoughts by Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu (00:04:00) 
    A Zen practice: Negative is just a concept we named, so is Positive. A hand processed 16 mm film.
  • The Desert Forgotten by Daniel Murphy (00:11:11)
    An autopsy in space and place. A 16 mm film print.
  • It’s Going To Be Beautiful by Luis Gutierrez Arias and John Henry Theisen (00:10:00) 
    Eight prototypes for a border wall stand on the US-Mexico border.  To choose a winning design, Border Patrol officers will attempt to climb, dig under, or breach the structures using techniques allegedly employed by immigrants and drug traffickers.
  • EACH AND EVERY SHADE by Sarah Ibrahim (00:02:54)
    What constitutes someone too dark, or not dark enough, or just light enough to pass?  The color brown is one that comes with many iterations, connotations, and implications.  It is a force that exists in all its forms in this family—along with each shade's beauty and repercussions.
  • Roadkill by Cody Banks (00:05:30)
    Let the action pull you
    Let the image envelop you
    Settle in and let reality be restored
  • Black Box by Giuliana Foulkes (00:20:31)
    Exploring the instability of memory and interrogating various narratives that are constructed around acts of sexual violence.  Can the memory of rape be directly observed?
  • UUFO by Yun (Zhuoyun) Chen (00:19:53) 
    Six short chapters/stories. Each describes a memory. The film deals with conflicting interpretations of China from the 1960's onwards, contrasting past generations’ stories with my own generation’s interpretations. UUFO stands for Universal Unidentified Flying Object.

Free Admission to all events.

For more information call CalArts School of Film/Video at 661-253-7825.

For screenings at REDCAT, reservations are recommended through the box office at 213-237-2800.

REDCAT (Roy & Edna Disney/CalArts Theater)
631 West 2nd St., 
Los Angeles, CA  90012

California Institute of the Arts
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24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA  91355

Bijou Festival

A week-long festival held at CalArts with daily screenings of student works from all four programs of the School of Film/Video. 

Dates: Sunday-Friday, May 6-11.

All screenings are free and will be held in the Bijou Theater on campus. 

For more information call CalArts School of Film/Video at 661-253-7825.

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