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School of Film/Video

Showcase 2005

To view each film, click its accompanying image. Please note that streaming media is intended to be viewed over a high speed internet connection only.

Character Animation

Feline Faux Pas by Courtland Lomax

On A Roll by Alex Hirsch

The Bastard by Dave Quion
Moon Struk by Joe Pitt

The Shoes by Wenchung Lu

Frenchy Bob by Dave Creek

Ghouls and Dolls by Sam Marin

For Giving by Mario Furmanczyk

Asleep at the Wheel by Sean Jimenez

The Grosse Hunger by Julian Narino

St. Laleeloo by Jiwook Kim

Duck and Robot by Brigett Barrager

Gecko by Colin Fleming

The Red Memory by Bertrand Piocelle

Catfood by Nate Wragg

Leash Boy by Shiyoon Kim

Someday Never by Stephen Hawkins

Stalemate by In-Young (Alex) Sung

The Ghost Ship by Edward Juan

A Friend BeHeaded This Way by Nicholas Butera

Sky Bound by Jennifer Hager

Body by Patrick McHale

The Naive Man from Lolliland by JG Quintel

Jurassic Chef by Chris Minki Song

My Little Obsessive Compulsive Friend by Steven Adam Macleod

Catch of the Day by Justin Hunt

Ah, L'Amour! by Austin Madison

The Fruit Tree of Galilee by Eric Favela

The Possum by Chris Choy

Experimental Animation

Speech of Freedom by Nancy Parczyk
2005, 1 min. 28 sec.
Everybody has the right to freedom of speech.

Global by Pablo Calvillo
2005, 1 min. 40 sec.
An animation that shows us how TV has become our only window to the world.

Lovers Supplant by Norma Toraya
2005, 2 min. 30 sec.
A work about a femme-fatale who creeps in the night. Objective: the blissful female, abduction, replacement to be with the man she loves and the role she deserves.

Lost & Found by Deborah Shin
2005, 7 min.
Every person and every thing has its own wavelength. Each wavelength is different but a wavelength can change to become more like the wavelength of someone you love.

The King by Pablo Calvillo
2005, 40 sec.
The King and his ideas.

Capsulation by Eric Spector
2005, 2 min.
An experimental short about Los Angeles.

Latent by Shon Kim
2005, 3 min. 15 sec.
An experiment to reach a coexistent point where abstractness and figurativeness are equally fused.

Sublime Monsters and Virtual Children by Brian G. Tan
2005, 3 min. 15 sec.
Muslim Mice, glass spheres, black bunnies, butoh dancers: all under the violent shadow of a giant tsunami. A schizophrenic cg exploration of signs, omens and other relics of faith.

My Ohio Heart by Lauren Fisher
2005, 2 min.
A personal meditation on my home state's disappointing voting habits.

Left and Leave by Yongchu Suh
2005, 9 min. 30 sec.
A road movie.

The Option of War&nbsp&nbspby Nick Fox-Gieg
2005, 6 min. 30 sec.
A soldier is taken prisoner in the night by a pack of jackals. Offering a pair of scissors, they demand he use the makeshift weapon to kill his sleeping friends. He takes the scissors, and...

Noobies by Benjamin Vu
2005, 2 min. 14 sec.
A man who just wants to be left alone.

Study No. 11 by W.S. Cheng
2005, 2 min. 20 sec.
A study in movement and rhythm.

Passages by Hyun-min Lee
2005, 2 min. 30 sec.
The story of the life of a woman and the flow of time. Her life passes alongside the changes of nature. When her life ends, it is not the end, but another beginning.

Birds by Karen Knighton
2005, 1 min. 20 sec.
There once was a lonely robot who loved birds. One day the robot builds a small yellow bird to be his new friend.

Manicure by Young-sun Kim
2005, 4 min. 55 sec.
A little girl goes to her fantasy world while putting red nail polish on herself. She thinks she can become like her mother with the manicure.

Mammoth Cave by Stephanie Hutin
2005, 2 min. 21 sec.
The tale of a mining town where witches live in igloos furnished with frigidaires, miniature cacti grow in the snow, tablecloths are for all year round and petticoated children plot against men.

Film Directing Program

Men and Women by Darren Herczeg
2005, 3 min. 30 sec.

It Happened by Ben Rodkin
2005, 1 min. 30 sec.

Custody by Tariq Tapa
2004, 8 min.
First Flush by Pravesh Gurung
2005, 16 min.

November Film by Ben Rodkin
2005, 6 min.

Levity by David Nordstrom
2005, 7 min.

The Band by Christine Beebe
2005, 14 min.

Sid's Loss by Taylor Greeson
2005, 1 min. 30 sec.

The Body Remains by Jenna Feldman
2005, 1 min.

The Day We Forgot the Baby, or the Day the Baby Went Bonkers! by Amber Neuenschwander
2005, 1 min.

Program in Film and Video

I want to make a video about you by Anonymous C
2005, 15 min.
Looking for intimacy on the internet. False rendezvous with strangers. Dealing with cyberculture and the reality tv phenomenon, this narrative probes the borders between truth and fiction, private and public and intimacy and anonymity.

A relationship of function by Rogier Pijpers
2005, 16 min. 30 sec.
A piece designed to provoke several levels of questions as to whether reflexive narrative structures can support the existence of itself.

The Correct Use of Oranges by Mari Okada
2005, 16 min. 30 sec.
Special oranges liberate the girl from cooking for her boyfriend and she finds beauty in a life free of pleasing others.

Boundless by Ryan Connor
2005, 5 min. 39 sec.
Corporate sponsored playgrounds and tornado sirens.

Young Turks by Jason Joel Harris
2005, 20 min.
Mis-communication between old friends.

American Harem by Nabawia (Nabby) El-Soudani
2005, 3 min. 30 sec.
An emulation of mainstream music video, reversing gender roles typically seen in this form. An attempt to critique media representations of women while simultaneously empowering the image of the middle eastern woman.

Recollection by Arshia Haq
2005, 20 min.
An exploration of personal and scientific archives, from the laboratory of an entomologist to the memories of an immigrant's childhood.

The Dream is Still a Dream by Kate Dollenmayer
2005, 16 min.
I stayed up all night to make this movie for you.

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