A-Block Water Damage

On Saturday, June 5, 2021, an older cooling tower on the fifth floor of CalArts A-block overflowed. Several specific locations were impacted. In particular, the Character and Experimental Animation areas (Film/Video) and the Gamelan Room (Music) suffered significant water damage to walls, ceilings and floors as well as cubicles, classrooms, equipment and computers. (For returning faculty, staff and students, the specific spaces are A221, A115 and The Lodge.) Thankfully, no one was injured in this incident. 

  • First, we are committed to ensuring students, faculty and staff will have the tools, technology and spaces you need to do your work when we return to campus this fall. We are reviewing various spaces for this and will update you as plans develop. 
  • Second, with the help of the CalArts Facilities team, restoration professionals and our insurance providers, we continue to assess the damage to the three floors of A221 (Character Animation) and to A115 (Experimental Animation). The clean up of the area has already begun to prepare for the renewal of the space.

Updates on the progress of the project will be posted on this webpage as well as an archive of all the emails sent to the community.


This email was sent to the School of Film/Video community on June 17 informing students, faculty and staff of the assessment and progress of the animation areas following a cooling tower leak on June 5.

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