Maureen Selwood
Experimental Animation Faculty

“Maureen Selwood is considered one of the most interesting authors in the American world of independent animation, as well as one of the most gifted artists in her field.”  - Mario Sesti Maureen Selwood is a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist who utilizes drawing, live... Continue reading »

Abigail Severance
Interim Dean, School of Film/Video
Film Directing Program Faculty

Abigail Severance works in narrative, essay, abstract and hybrid cinema forms to excavate personal and political dilemmas of nostalgia, problems of borders and boundaries, and social negotiations. She aims to work with cinema as a visceral language of resistance. Her films have screened widely,... Continue reading »

Craig Smith
Academic Sound Coordinator, School of Film/Video
School of Film/Video Faculty

Craig Smith has been recording and manipulating sound since 1964. After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, he worked as a sound editor and production mixer in Hollywood, specializing in noisy action-adventure films that are blamed for the downfall of society. He left that... Continue reading »

Suanne Spoke
Film Directing Program Faculty
661-255-1050 x2150

A multi-award winning actor/producer/coach, she has made over 150 appearances on stage and in film & television, most recently on “Private Practice” and recurring on “Switched at Birth”.  She will be seen in the upcoming films “Dumped” and “Our... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty